Truly Design your Space in Augmented Reality

Engage your audience with a cloud-based augmented reality ecosystem.

View multiple items in Augmented Reality, App free

Create and share AR experiences. No code required

Cloud Based 3D content management

augmented reality Space Designer

World’s first multi-product AR

Truly visualise and compare items in your space from your browser using our proprietary technology leveraging the power of WebXR

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All our features:

Easy for your clients …
Easy for you.

Your audience choose your items, point their phones in their space and see the results instantly with ease.

No Downloads, No Complexity.

Imersian’s AR engine rises above competitor options due to 2 years technological innovations.

Create stunning 3D and augmented experiences for your audience to visualise multiple items in their own space within a browser-based and easy-to-use interface.

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“We have come across various 3D & AR solutions, but none that are as simple and easy to use as what Imersian has to offer”

Tyron Krost
Managing Director

“The platform is really useful, especially for
interior designers to communicate their designs with clients.

Rob Marcen,